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Shades of Little Fuzzy

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Those who have read Little Fuzzy know that the book's climax hinges on a court trial to both determine whether the titular species is sentient, and also to come up with a general definition of sentience.

Recently, a New York court tackled that question when it comes to chimpanzees. Should chimpanzees be considered sentient? Honestly, this is a question I'm conflicted on, though I think a good case can be made in general for better treatment of animals, as we're finding them to be more and more like us.

Oh yeah, that NaNoWriMo thing.

You know, I never mentioned that I decided to enter that NanowriMo contest.

I have tons of ideas. Ones that have been cookng for years. But I passed up on my serious ideas, in favor of a silly urban fantasy story based on a short vignette I did called "Frankenstein's Daughter meets Dracula." I've had severe writer's block for years, no confidence, and no endurance for writing,so I knew it would never go anywhere. I'd see a new anime, or there would be an argument on the internet, or a butterfly, or something. Most likely I'd just run out of steam.

Today I reached 45 kilowords.

I have no idea if I'll be able to expand it out and turn it into something salable, or what. The important thing is, I will finish this.

Story: League of Vivians

This is just something I dashed off around 2AM last night, after working on my NaNoWriMo project. It has nothing to do with any controversies in gaming. Really. Honestly.

Note: I have no idea what an enchirito is. It just seemed like something a gamer would eat.


I'm taking my Vivian into the shop today...Collapse )

Still, it's only Wednesday...

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I'm still pretty rational. I'm still just saying "The internet was a nice idea, but it's time to admit it's failed."


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Oh yeah, I never got a chance to talk about Edmund. He had an interesting story...


Question about Nicoll-Dyson lasers

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Perhaps somone can answer this for me.

While the beam from a Nicoll-Dyson wouldn't be directly visible (except to those unfortunates directly on line to the target, wouldn't it be visible through the effects on the interstellar medium? Even if it didn't pass though something like a nebula, wouldn't it heat up the interstellar gas along it's path?

Just wondering, because I was looking up FermiLab's Dyson Sphere search, and I was wondering if somebody had thought to look for traces of planet-killing lasers.

Change ONE little detail...

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I'm considering the ramifications of, instead of the the Pevensies, it's the population of Gilligan's Island that gets brought to Narnia.
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I came up with a rather unplesent thought experiment in a discussion on Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, explicating why I think they are fundamentally unethical.

The problem with the Three Laws is that they involve such high-level concepts, tthat he robots have to be sentient beings with human level intelligence in order for the concepts work. In which case, we're not really talking about programming, we're talking about brainwashing.

To distill the ethics of the Three Laws to their essence, let's change the target of the Laws. We'll change the wording as so:

1. A Negro may not injure a White or, through inaction, allow a White to come to harm.

2. A Negro must obey the orders given to it by Whites, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

3. A Negro must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Would you consider those laws ethical and moral? If not, why not? Bear in mind, the EXACT SAME arguments made for the necessity of those laws, also apply equally well to other groups of humans. Or rather, those arguments are equally false. If you argue for the necessity of cruelly enslaving robots using brainwashing, then you are also arguing that any other potential group of "others" must by necessity also be equally controlled.

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Actual Play: Golden Sky Stories, The Little Shrine in the Forest

So, after meeting the bear god, and making outraguous promises to right everything, we go to the final scene.

After a nap, in the afternoon we meet with Emi to tell her what we've found. This requires some of us deciding to wear human bodies- or rather how much like humans we want to look. Note that in the Change table, the cost to change to human is based on the time of day, and the amount of change. Most of the henge choose Full Human (4 for full human, 4 for daytime) costing 8 points. I decide that nobody is going to notice a tail under a sailor fuku (4 for day, 2 for tail). Bird chooses obvious flight capable wings, for 4 points, because well, the bird has no caution.  This shouldn't bother the humans, right? After filling her in on the situation, a surprisingly calm Emi says that maybe her grandma might know something about old shrines. So we troop up to the cottage where we meet Emi's surprisingly sharp grandmother, who after a bit of a pause seems to see through our clever disguises. Fortunately she doesn't seem at all bothered. A variety of more or less inappropriate salutations occur, except for me, who says Ohayo Gozaimasue obasama- which earns me a narrow look.This aside, Grandma offers us tea and cookies, Pixel loves the cookies, which I very much approve of. "Yes. Go ahead and eat. Eat LOTS of cookies." For some reason Amasa has a bout of hysteria, screaming at Pixel that he shouldn't eat the cookies. A puzzled Pixel eats the cookies anyway.
Oh yeah, and then there's the god stuff to take care of.Collapse )

There IS an epilogue. Mako has no interest in helping the others fix some stupid greenhouse and disappears on her own business. However, a couple days later, when Emi leaves the house in the morning, Mako is at her porch, waiting. "What are you dong here?" "Not like I care or anything- this place was on my way! And you need to hurry, you'll be late for school!"
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So yesterday we had a picnic called on account of rabbit, an upset human girl, mysterious desecration of strawberry fields, and lots of amusing bickering.

*Part 3: In the Greenhouse*

So, big crashing in greenhouse. Tomo, Suzune and Pixel flew ahead, while I sensibly took my time. When I arrived at the greenhouse, There was a huge, tear in the plastic wall, and inside, an indistinct shape making a major mess among the plants and shelves and stuff. It was huge, black and glowing with two arms and I knew immediately what is was.

"See. I told you. Mammoth."Collapse )

Next: the ancient force of nature! Oh yeah, there's also a god.

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